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BT Broadband Voice

A new-adopter focussed technology released into the wild recently by communication's British Telecom (BT). Like a sexually-aroused ape thrown into a coach full of semi-pubescent schoolgirls, this is a fledgling product aimed (like an ejaculating simian cock) at virgin consumers.

"Have you just got one of them BroaderbandADSLCableTelewest? lines?"

  "By Christ, I have!"

"Then perhaps you'd like to ram your telephone calls up it!"

  "Yes!  Yes I would!  I had honestly been thinking about that for years!"

And like that DOZENS of punters signed up for it, completely unaware of the fact that to get it working they would have to HACK the Cisco VoIP? box to hell just to get the BloodyBastard to work with their network.

Other than that it's great. And free evening and weekend calls! HURRAH!

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