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Me in a [cummberbund]. Gina took this one when she was going through a phase of taking cool arty pictures.
Me , Hugh and dad atop [Arthur's Seat].
Gina's photographic skills at work again. I rather [like] this one.
And one of me with [short hair]. I got bored of looking after it.
The [shirt] looks like Pollock. Actually it's Escher.
When [reading] I look just like Natalie Portman.
Hugh makes [Chainmail]. When he's not looking, I like to try it on.
[Long hair and a beard]. I got fed up with being arrested walking through customs.
[Not Me], but the reason that I kept getting stopped coming through customs.


[My parents old dog], sitting in the window, patiently awaiting someone (anyone) to play with him.
The dog likes sleeping [on the bed]. When Mum gets up to go to the bathroom, she has to clear him off upon her return.
On top of a [mountain], Mike, Dad, me, Hugh and Dog watch the clouds roll in.
Mike, Hugh and I celebrate a black and white [Christmas].
Hugh and Meredith [dig] with the dog.
[Mum] doesn't want to feel left out.
Eventually, they [finish].
Mike in a [dressing gown], Dad serves dinner.
After he shaves, [we eat].
And then he relaxes with his [guitar].
Dad tries to [contemplate his navel], but can't quite find it.
Dad smiles as we approach, [unaware] he is about to be pushed screaming into the water.
Mum gets older over [time]. Still the same person on the inside.
We're not sure Dad would [smile] if he knew how his kids were going to treat him.


We went to choose puppies and chose [this one].
With a look like [this], how can you resist?
She's just [so cute].
Sadly, Mum and Dad weren't interested in also picking up some of the [kittens] that they had.
We got the puppy home, but she started off quite sad and [lonely].
After a little sleep she was taken [into the garden], which was much more interesting.
She even let me [tickle] her tummy.
She stopped to [smell the flowers].
And is now considering a career in [sports].

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