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This page originally started off as a useful way of keep track of stuff I wanted. To be honest, it started off over at Yahoo Notepad and then, for a while, as an Amazon wishlist (until I realised I wanted stuff that Amazon doesn't sell). Once or twice a year, people start asking me what I want for my birthday/christmas. I never have any idea at all. However, I frequently bump into cool reviews of books/films/comics/whatever that I want to have. So I decided to keep track of it somewhere that other people could get access to, to save all that tedious questioning.

Rest assured that I don't actually expect people to buy me stuff, and this isn't here as a begging list for my birthday (21st August, if you're interested). It's actually here primarily so that when I have some money I remember what the really cool thing was that I wanted. If anyone wants to buy me a brain that remembers stuff, I can ditch this page and pretend to be a normal human being.

Big Stuff

Littler stuff



Note: not all available yet

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