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Hi. It's my meanderings through the Regency era which have created this website. It serves as a way to share what I learn, and to justify spending so much free time researching in the first place.

I'm English and live in Scotland. By day I work in a bank as a cashier.

I'm a mostly lurking member of the Regency email group on yahoo, and get to brush shoulders with more knowledgeable folk than myself, authors, and a multitude of fans of Regency romances.

My reading tends to focus around Regencies within the historical romance genre, but I also enjoy other periods such as the American frontier, British medieval, etc, although my efforts into historical research don't go so far.

I love language and have contributed plenty of quotations to the OED (though none have been included yet, to my knowledge....). One of my pending projects (of which there are many) is to get the language of the historical romance represented in the dictionary, including Heyerisms which have been widely adopted.

To contact me, please email researching.the.regency at googlemail dot com.